Filson Family Farm

Filson Family Farm

Saturday, February 22, 2014

More on Great Grandma Catherine and Great Grandpa John (Filson/Manuwal lineage)

I received a wonderful surprise this week, a brown envelope from my mother containing three photos which I want to share with my family members. The most important being a picture of our great grandparents from circa 1890s. 

This is a picture of Catherine Lavinia Manuwal Filson and John Thomas Filson both in their twenties.I was fascinated to search the picture to see which family members inherited their looks. I see my Grandfather Russell in John Thomas and my Great Uncle Robert in Catherine.
The second photo is of Catherine as she sits in her living room of her Inwood,Indiana home surrounded by the African violets and flowers she loved. This is my fondest memory of her. I also remember admiring the lace on her door.

The third picture is of my Uncle Marvin, Aunt Cosa and Uncle Bob. Cosa and Bob being Catherine and John's children, Marvin Heckamen being Cosa's husband.

I cherish these photos and look forward to more envelopes in the mail.

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