Filson Family Farm

Filson Family Farm

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grandma Grace Coplen Filson (Filson/Coplen lineage)

Today I write about the only person in my linage I have firsthand knowledge of. My Grandma Grace Genevan Coplen Filson, was born on December 5th, 1905 to Elmer R Coplen and Frances A Rodabough, in Talma, New Castle, Fulton Co, Indiana.

Grace was one of seven children. She attended school in Talma until she was 16 and then moved to Argos, Indiana and attended Inwood High School. She stopped short of graduating by one class; she said she felt she was wasting her time getting a diploma, because she could start working without one. Her mother Frances died in 1924 when Grace was 19 years old. At this point she was a newlywed and had her first of 5 children on the way.

She married Russell Filson at the age of 18, whom she had met at the Inwood Methodist Church. They lived on the Filson family farm near Inwood, Indiana which was built by Russell's Great Grandfather, Taylor Silver Filson.

There they raised a family of 5 children. Grandma would teach her children to grow vegetables and can and freeze summer fruits so they would have enough to take them through the hard winters. They were six miles from the main town of Plymouth, Indiana so any resources they needed for the winter had to be carefully planned out.

Grandma Grace was a very kind and gentle soul. A woman with deep religious beliefs and a slight judgmental streak, although not so much that you would be put off by her. I often sought out her opinion and cared about what she thought. I did not live by her for any extended period of time until I was in the 8th grade. There was a short time we lived with her in 1960 before the Air Force transferred us to Lakenheath, England, it was then we stayed on the Filson family farm for about 4 months. I was three years old and my memories of that time are vague. I do remember watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time that year and being terrified and running to Grandma for comfort.
My mom, Me and Grandma Grace Coplen Filson

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